Thomas Elliott

Upon completing his study at California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obisbo, CA and the Overseas Study Undergraduate Thesis, Florence Italy, Thomas Elliott was a Lead Designer for Austin Hanson Group, San Diego, California USA, where he won many awards for his work. Since 1992, Thomas has joined PAI as Director of Design, responsible for setting the concept and overall design philosophy.

Thomas Elliott is well known for his unique approach to architecture and interior design practice. His achievements come from simple philosophy: listening to clients and responding to their needs.

With PAI, the work of Thomas Elliott has been the subject of exhibition and extensive coverage in the national and international publishing. The projects emphasize high quality design combining sensitive consideration of programmatic, technical, environmental, budgetary parameters, historical and contextual conditions and attention to the quality of materials and details.

Lanny M Ridjab

Ms. Lanny M. Ridjab is one the founding partners of PAI, established in 1985. She obtained a bachelor degree in Architecture from the Tarumanegara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. Her responsibilities are taking care the Marketing and Operational to include Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, and General Affairs & Legal. She shares an enthusiasm for the challenge of making great design in architecture and interior. Her enthusiasm is further translated into active and continuous participation in supporting every aspect of the projects and firm flow.

Her involvement has helped to ensure the highest level of quality for the design and service to the clients. As the firm is committed to creating a word-class result, each project is embraced with an interest for the uniqueness of its characteristics in time and place. Therefore, a deep commitment to the firm standards is reaffirmed through the attainment of high educational standards, constant upgrading of the knowledge base and the attendance at site surveys, conferences as well as workshops by members of the firm.

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