Firm Description

PAI was first established in 1985 and purposely structured as a studio style architectural firm with Design and Production Staff at one company. By incorporating Design and Production as one group, PAI aims to ensure the continuity of design and coordination of concepts during the implementation.

Over years, PAI has developed a reputation for excellent design in various projects, ranging from master planning for residential and resort development, retail and recreational, theme resorts, restaurants, hospitals, offices and other industrial projects.

Preceding and current projects include Baccarat Residence in Shanghai, China; The Hermitage Hotel in Jakarta; The Golf Clubs in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia; Exclusive Villas in Bali, Indonesia; Apartments in Jakarta; Private Residence in Penang, Malaysia.


Whether it is the design of a tropical resort, an exclusive residence, a high-rise apartment or an office building, we always strives towards excellence.

Starting with an ice-breaking session with the clients to carefully study the project constraints and opportunities, we work to produce innovative design solution that reflects a professional responsibility towards aesthetics, purpose and cost.

We believe that the art of architecture is a pragmatic craft –a blend of project requirement, nature of material constructions, and infinite possibilities. For a building functioning as art, it must balance between beauty and purpose.